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The logistics giant GXO opens a warehouse in Chile with the help of AR Racking

  • The 3PL trusts the optimisation of its warehouse in Santiago to the storage solution specialist AR Racking.
  • AR Racking installed adjustable pallet racking with picking at lower levels and cantilever racking for bulky loads.
  • GXO Logistics highlighted AR Racking’s “times and flexibility” as a partner.

The US operator GXO Logistics, the world’s largest contract logistics provider, decided to increase the storage capacity of one of its warehouses in Chile with the help of the industrial racking specialist AR Racking to respond to the accelerated growth of its customers in the region.

With an overall turnover of 9 billion dollars last year, GXO is growing at a phenomenal rate thanks to the rapid growth of e-commerce, automation and outsourcing. Due in fact to the growth of one of its customers in the Santiago region, the 3PL decided to strengthen its intralogistics infrastructure at one of its warehouses. For this, it turned to the storage solutions specialist AR Racking, who installed an adjustable pallet racking system, which allows for rapid location of and direct access to heavy unit loads. GXO now has a warehouse with 3,500 adjustable pallet racking positions, 11,000 mm high.

Being an easy to assemble modular structure, the racking enables future reconfigurations or extensions according to storage needs. Additionally, various accessories can be added to increase the safety of the installation. In this case, safety meshes and subsequent meshes have been incorporated. What’s more, “adjustable pallet racking can also be adapted to smaller unit loads, and some picking levels can be implemented in the lower area”, explained Germán Flores, General Manager of AR Racking Chile. Cantilever racking was also implemented for long and bulky loads.

According to Carlos Ortiz, GXO’s Operations Director for Latin America, “we chose AR Racking because it understood our needs, our execution times and for its flexibility to adapt to ongoing requirements”. GXO, which has decades of experience in both the B2B and B2C sectors and is currently present in 27 countries with more than 970 facilities, is committed to a full growth strategy in Chile given the increase in demand from companies that outsource their logistics services. In this pace of business, “working with AR Racking was easy, from the initial quote through to project delivery, as they showed a culture of service and always responded in time”, added Ortiz.