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Storage Systems

AR Racking is a company specialised in the design, manufacture, calculation and installation of industrial storage systems for all types of loads, complying with the strictest European standards.

With an export rate of over 90%, AR Racking storage systems currently have a commercial presence in more than 60 countries.

The storage solutions are produced at our fully automated production centre of over 35,000 m².

These industrial racking systems are designed by our R&D&i area in our technology centre and subsequently tested at the Research and Testing laboratory created jointly with the University of Mondragon.

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Range of Industrial Storage Systems

Storage systems play a fundamental role in the optimisation and efficiency of a warehouse. These systems allow the available space to be organised and managed effectively, facilitating access, identification and handling of products.

Our range of industrial storage systems covers from conventional solutions for all types of loads (heavy loads such as pallets and light loads for manual picking) to automated and semi-automated warehouses for heavy and light loads.

AR Racking metal racks have a 5-year quality guarantee and are made of pre-galvanised material as standard.


In AR Racking, we recognise the importance of storage systems that fit the particularities of each company and sector. Each storage system is designed taking into account the specific needs of our customers in terms of loading units and storage space.

Our R&D&I team is dedicated to finding the most suitable solution for each project, making the most of the available space and adapting to the type of goods storage and environmental conditions. We strive to offer different types of storage systems that adapt to the type of product, speed up loading and unloading, optimising space by means of metal structures and systems that allow efficient stock management, whether under the FIFO or LIFO system.

Consult our experts to find the industrial storage system that best suits your specific needs, saving time and space in your logistics operations.

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