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Automated Warehouses

Automated warehouses are the most appropriate solution for maximising the storage space and for quick and automated access to the different unit loads. Automated warehouse systems are used for pallets and for cartons, and their structure is designed and produced by AR Racking, enabling maximum optimisation, not just of the space but also in terms of efficiency and work times.
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Types of Automated Storage Systems


Automated Warehouses for pallets

Automated pallet warehouse systems are solutions that use stacker cranes or other automated mechanisms to handle the...

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Automated Warehouses for cartons

Automated warehouses for cartons are solutions that use stacker cranes to handle light and small loads. Automated warehouse systems for...

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AR Racking’s role as an expert integration solutions provider for automated warehouses covers the installation of any type of complex storage system: clad-rack warehouses, automated systems and satellite or miniload systems, among others.

AR Racking is able to offer a comprehensive service in all its projects: design, manufacture, planning of the installations and technical advice and logistics for the structures that support the different unit loads.

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Industrial Racking Systems

AR Racking designs and manufactures high-performance industrial racking systems for the storage of all types of loads. The load...

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Other storage systems

AR Racking also has the capacity to adapt to other types of specific storage needs other than adjustable pallet racking and automated...

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