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Shelving systems

Picking solutions are shelving systems for manual picking of medium or light load goods. These manual storage systems generally store non-uniform unit loads.
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Types of Picking Solutions


Longspan Shelving

The Longspan Shelving picking system is the ideal solution for manually storing small to medium-sized non-palletised products.

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Multi-tier Shelving

The Multi-tier racking system is a solution in height based on the longspan shelving system. It is ideal for manual storage.

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Live Storage for Picking

The Carton Flow Rack system, also called Carton Live Storage, permits high density storage of cartons and light products.

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Shelving Systems characteristics

The picking solutions catalogue provides shelving systems for manual storage or picking such as longspan shelving, which can support weights of up to 1000 kg, through to storage systems at height, such as multi-tier racking, or carton flow storage exploiting gravity.

These systems are personalised and adapted to the customer’s specific needs, and also allow adaptation to different unit loads by means of different accessories. Assembling and disassembling manual load picking solutions is quick and simple, as is the changing of the different height levels.

Manual picking storage systems work without the need for handling or elevation equipment, although it is possible to combine picking solutions with pallet racking solutions, making them versatile solutions.

The usual locations of the types of picking solutions are the order preparation areas, filing spaces or maintenance areas.

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Pallet Racking

AR Racking provides a comprehensive service in the production of pallet racking systems for heavy loads, which includes the design,...

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