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AR Racking expands the storage facilities for Grupo Logístico Barquín y Otxoa, S.L. in Llodio (Video)

  • AR Racking introduced 4,704 new pallet positions in the warehouse expansion, increasing the storage capacity to new levels.
  • The 2,400 m2 expansion of the warehouse has redefined the storage capacity and flexibility for Barquín and Otxoa.

AR Racking, leader in industrial storage solutions, has announced the successful completion of the expansion of the warehouse facilities for Grupo Logístico Barquín y Otxoa, S. L. in Llodio. This project consisted of the implementation of an adjustable pallet racking system at an already existing warehouse of 27,000 m2, allocating 2,400 m2 for the new installation.

The project focused on expanding the racking at the existing warehouse, and was completed in just 2 weeks. This initiative has made it possible to optimise and expand the storage capacities, significantly improving operational efficiency and logistics management, thanks to the 4,704 new storage positions. This facilitates more efficient handling of refrigerated goods which is part of the customer’s sector of activity.

Grupo Logístico Barquín y Otxoa, S. L., specialised in the storage and transport of refrigerated goods, consolidates its position as a leader in the logistics sector. With a total area of 27,000 m² at its existing warehouse in Llodio, the company is continuously looking to improve its operations to meet the very highest quality and service standards. Iñaki Iturrioz Sarriegui, commented: "This expansion gives us the additional capacity that we need to meet growing demand in the storage and transport of refrigerated goods".

Mikel Bilbao, AR Racking’s Project Manager, closely supervised the implementation of the project, ensuring the successful and timely delivery of the expansion of the facilities. "Close collaboration with our customers is essential for mutual success", Bilbao pointed out.

This project reflects AR Racking’s commitment to innovation and excellence in storage solutions, contributing to the continuous growth and success of its customers.