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AR Racking completes the installation of an Adjustable Pallet Racking Storage System for ITSANET PERU SAC (Video)

  • AR Racking implemented 4,380 Adjustable Pallet Racking positions.
  • A completely new 8000 m2 facility that will streamline the B2-B4 and B6-B8 warehouses.

AR Racking, leader in industrial storage solutions, is proud to announce the successful conclusion of a key project in collaboration with ITSANET PERU SAC, a renowned logistics operator in Peru.

The project, which was carried out at ITSANET PERU SAC’s facilities in Punta Hermosa, Peru, involved the implementation of an adjustable pallet racking system over a total of area of 8000 m2, distributed in a completely new warehouse. This space is divided into two sections: warehouses B2-B4, with 4000 m2, and warehouses B6-B8, also with 4000 m2.

The installation of the adjustable pallet racking system allowed the creation of a total of 4,380 positions, with 2,284 positions in warehouses B2-B4 and 2,096 positions in warehouses B6-B8, providing ITSANET PERU SAC with an efficient and adaptable solution to its logistics needs.

“We are delighted to have collaborated with ITSANET PERU SAC in such a significant project”, said Omar Durand, project manager in AR Racking. “Our team worked hard to design and implement a custom solution that would meet the very highest quality and efficiency standards.”

ITSANET PERU SAC, led by the General Manager in Peru, Fernando Peirano, specialises in offering comprehensive logistics services, and this new storage facility will significantly help to improve its operations and more efficiently meet its customers’ demands.