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AR RACKING accompanies ETERNA PERU SAC in its expansion in Peru: A new milestone in efficiency and capacity

  • AR Racking installs an adjustable pallet racking system in an 850 m2 warehouse, optimising 726 positions for ETERNA PERU SAC.
  • ETERNA PERU SAC’s expansion in Peru becomes a reality with AR Racking leading the storage infrastructure.

AR Racking, global leader in industrial storage solutions, is pleased to announce the culmination of an exciting project in collaboration with ETERNA PERU SAC, a leading company in the household cleaning products sector. The installation of an adjustable pallet racking system in a 850 m2 warehouse is a significant milestone in the expansion of ETERNA PERU SAC’s operations in Peru.

The project, led by the experienced team of AR Racking, was managed by Omar Durand, who supervised every aspect to guarantee smooth and efficient implementation. Durand shared his enthusiasm saying: “This project represents more than a simple installation. It is a collaboration that boosts the efficiency and capacity of ETERNA PERU SAC in its growth strategy in the Peruvian market”.

With a total of 726 positions, the adjustable racking system provides ETERNA PERU SAC with the capacity to manage and organise its inventory optimally, facilitating its daily operations.

Daniela García, Country Manager of ETERNA PERU SAC, expressed his satisfaction with the end result: “We are delighted with the collaboration with AR Racking in this project. The installation of the adjustable pallet racking system in our warehouse provides us the necessary infrastructure to support our expansion in the Peruvian market”.

This project also represents a significant expansion for ETERNA PERU SAC, a Colombian transnational company that continues to strengthen its presence in the region. The investment in latest generation storage structure underlines the company’s commitment to operational excellence and customer service.