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We install an APR system for the Grupo Familia subsidiary in the Dominican Republic


AR Racking has installed the double-depth Adjustable pallet racking system at the Continental de Negocios distribution centre in Santo Domingo. This is the new warehouse of the subsidiary in the Dominican Republic of Grupo Familia, a major business conglomerate that operates throughout South America and the Caribbean offering personal care and hygiene solutions with leading brands in the market such as Pequeñín, Tena or Nosotras.

Continental de Negocios' new distribution centre has a total area of 2,700 m2. The system installed by AR Racking reaches a height of 11.5 m and has provided to the company almost 5,000 storage positions. The Adjustable pallet racking system AR PAL is designed to store palletized cargo in a mechanical way using forklifts that access goods through aisles that run parallel to the racks. It is a modular structure easy-to-assemble that can be adapted according to the needs of storage.

"The double-depth adjustable pallet racking system is perfectly suited to our needs for this new distribution centre: speed in locating pallets, minimum time in the handling of goods and rigorous stock control", says Mrs. Adriana Navarro Moreno, General Manager of Continental de Negocios, SA.

Edward Suescun, AR Racking’s Commercial Manager in Colombia, highlights the versatility of the AR PAL system, capable of adapting to any type of load, both by weight and by volume. “Having a system that allows regulating load levels adjusting them to precise volumes is essential for a distribution centre like Continental de Negocios, that stores goods with very different characteristics. The AR PAL system is suited to these needs and makes the most of the available storage space”, he explains.