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We have reduced plastic, cardboard and gas consumption to historical lows


Less plastic, less cardboard and less gas. AR Racking shows its commitment to sustainable development by reducing consumption of the main environmental conservation indicators. Over the last 5 years, we have reduced our spending on plastic, cardboard and natural gas generated during the production and intralogistics phase.

The future of the next generations requires a balance between environmental commitment and economic growth. In the industrial sector, such as AR Racking’s heavy load storage solutions, the challenge is even greater due to its complexity. However, the quest for continuous improvement is a fundamental principle of AR Racking’s business philosophy. In this transformation, by being an active part in the fight against climate change, major improvements have been achieved:

    • Since 2015, plastic consumption has been reduced by more than 23.2% in the production and packaging process.
    • Since 2015, AR Racking has reduced the use of cardboard by more than 25% in its manufacturing and logistics processes.
    • Over the last 5 years, natural gas consumption has fallen by 15.9%.

The medium-term goals are to reduce electricity consumption, reduce natural gas consumption still further, continue with the reduction in plastic and maintain our current low consumption of water. The challenge is as complex as it is interesting. The commitment to Development Goal 13: The United Nations’ Climate Action goal is firm and constant. “Industry cannot live turning its back on sustainability: The same applies to innovation and integrating a business culture that thinks about future generations”, said Enrique Bellido, AR Racking Quality and Environment Manager.