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Jan Krapohl joins AR Racking as New Key Account Manager for Germany

  • Jan Krapohl joins the ranks of AR Racking GmbH to support the company’s growth in the German market.

AR Racking, leader in industrial storage solutions, welcomes Jan Krapohl, new Key Account Manager for the German subsidiary. With an outstanding professional career and extensive experience in key account management and sales, Krapohl joins AR Racking to strengthen its presence and leadership in the German market.

Krapohl begins this new stage in AR Racking with enthusiasm and dedication. "I am looking forward to starting my new job as Key Account Manager and meeting many new colleagues at AR Racking GmbH. A new and exciting chapter has begun", he commented.

With a professional career stretching back more than two decades, Krapohl has held key roles in sales and technical support in different companies, where he has proven to be a results-oriented leader, with outstanding skills in project planning and organisation, preparation of business proposals and customer relationship management. His ability to offer optimal technical and commercial solutions has helped him shine in the sector.

Among his responsibilities at AR Racking, Krapohl will be in charge of strengthening and expanding relationships with customers, by ensuring that the needs and expectations of the German market are met. He will also contribute to the company’s growth strategy, supporting the implementation of innovations and improvements in industrial storage solutions.

"I am delighted to join AR Racking GmbH, a company that is synonymous with innovation and quality in industrial storage solutions. I hope to be able to contribute to the continued growth and success of the company in the German market", said Jan Krapohl.

The addition of Jan Krapohl strengthens AR Racking’s commitment to customer service and excellence, striving always to provide the best industrial storage solutions worldwide.