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Vetten Gruppe optimizes its 21,500 m2 warehouse with our adjustable pallet racking


Vetten Gruppe is a company founded almost 90 years ago in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen, in Germany, which offers partial and complete solutions in the transport, logistics and storage sectors, with a special focus on the textile sector. In their Mönchengladbach warehouse, Vetten Gruppe combines artisanal perfection with the latest technology so that customers receive their products perfectly prepared for distribution and sale.

A renovation project has been carried out in several phases, the first one in 2015. As a result of the Vetten Gruppe and the client’s satisfaction with the initial phase, AR Racking has been trusted again for the execution and completion of this storage project.   

The logistics hub of a large fashion firm that redistributes merchandise throughout Europe is located at the Vetten Gruppe facilities. AR Racking has installed the logistics warehouse for this important firm on 21,500 m2 of warehouse surface, achieving 16,954 pallet storage positions. AR has opted for the installation of an AR PAL system, the adjustable pallet racking system designed to store pallets mechanically using forklifts.

This installation has allowed the Vetten Gruppe's customer to rotate all the clothing items stored in their shelves in just 48 hours to be redistributed throughout Europe. This facility has the capacity to load and unload 120 trucks daily through the 74 ramps of the loading and unloading docks, which means a capacity to move 70 to 80 million kg of textile product per year: the equivalent of 10,000 containers.

The adjustable pallet racking system provided to the Vetten Gruppe has been designed with the most demanding quality standards, but especially with the correct materials for an installation in a grade 2 seismic zone, according to the Eurocode.

For Christian Vetten, Executive Director at the Vetten Gruppe, “our clients choose us for our experienced and qualified team but also for our facilities, which we take care of and design together with suppliers that offer high quality standards, such as AR Racking. AR is a leader in storage solutions that helps companies to achieve a high logistic performance”.

Laura Garrido, Commercial Director for the DACH region at AR Racking, believes that “for us it is a great satisfaction that a company focusing on logistics has chosen us to respond to the storage, processing, preparation of orders and distribution needs of one of their big customers".

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