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Transnatur relies on AR Racking to equip its warehouse with 7,000 storage positions and 400 picking levels


Transnatur, a company that provides global transport services and logistics operations, has relied on AR Racking to equip its new warehouse in Zaragoza (Spain), located in the Plaza Industrial Zone. On this occasion, and considering the specific storage needs, AR Racking installed an Adjustable pallet racking system (AR PAL) with a capacity of 7,000 euro-pallets, combined with 360 picking levels of 3400x500 mm and 36 additional picking levels of 2250x500 mm.

The Transnatur warehouse located in Zaragoza has an area of 2850 m2. In addition, it has a useful height of 14,5 meters and the last load level is placed at 12,5 meters. In the AR-PAL system, access to the pallets is via structured corridors, the dimensions of which vary depending on the mechanized forklifts.

In this installation, both the palletized loads and those for picking are served by a wire-guided turret truck which, in addition to reaching a high height, makes it possible to handle the load from both sides, as well as from the front. This type of cart is specially designed to operate in Very Narrow Aisles (VNA) such as those designed for the Transnatur warehouse, thus making the most of the available storage space.

Transnatur is a family business with 40 years of experience; it has 14 offices and terminals in Spain and Portugal and operates internationally. This is not the first time that AR Racking has carried out a storage project for Transnatur, which has decided to rely once again on AR to equip another of its warehouses, this time in the Aragón region.

Agustín López, Transnatur Nord Zaragoza’s Director, says: “We have relied on AR Racking to find a solution that works for our operational needs. This system will allow us to meet the demands of our customers thanks to the adaptability to the type of load, weight and volume provided by the AR PAL system”.

“This installation has been calculated and designed with the intention of making it versatile and adaptable in the future. Transnatur is an international logistics operator and it was important to consider the diversity of its potential future clients. The best solution is a system that is functional now, but that is also capable of adapting to the needs of the future. For this reason the AR PAL system is perfect and in addition to this, it allows an effective control of stored references saving time and effort in the handling of the merchandise”, highlighted Xabier Rica, responsible for the project and Commercial Delegate of the North Zone of Spain at AR Racking.