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The logistics operator TLN partners with AR Racking to speed up its warehouse operations


Transporte Logístico Nacional (TLN), transport, e-fulfilment and last-mile logistics operator (in Chile), entrusted the industrial racking specialist AR Racking with the optimisation of its new warehouse space in Comuna de Quilicura, Santiago (Chile).

With sustained growth particularly in the last mile business and mainly after the change in its customers’ consumption habits caused by the pandemic, TLN set itself the objective of speeding up delivery times in its warehouses and distribution centres. For this,the logistics operator partnered with AR Racking to improve the intralogistics of its warehouse in Quilicura, with keys to the choice being “its service flexibility and available racking stock”, commented Javier González V., General Manager of TLN. AR Racking designed and installed an adjustable pallet racking solution, with frame heights of 8 metres, resulting in a storage capacity for 4,000 pallets.


The main advantage of this storage system, adjustable pallet racking, is direct and immediate access to unit loads, which significantly speeds up loading and unloading times. It is an effective, robust and highly adaptable solution that is ideal for warehouses with unit loads with a wide range of references.

“We offered comprehensive advice on solutions that could optimise and enhance the safety for TLN’s products. We analysed and reviewed all the variables, with smooth and close communication with the customer”, explained Germán Flores Miranda, General Manager of AR Racking Chile.

TLN has strengthened its position in the market with figures of 30,000 deliveries per month fulfilled with a 98%-time satisfaction rating. This warehouse project is a step forward in its growth towards becoming the country leader: “the experience with AR Racking has been very satisfactory in very short time frames”, commented TLN, and that “the added value that we experienced in the installation and supervision phase, and the company’s engineering calculation report gave us peace of mind and reassurance in the decision taken”.