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The logistics operator Calyco entrusts AR Racking with its growth in stored positions


The logistics operator Calyco, company of Argentinian origin and with more than three decades of experience, has a new warehouse in Santiago (Chile) equipped by AR Racking, specialist in integrated industrial storage projects.

Calyco trusted in AR Racking’s experience to boost the competitiveness of the integrated logistics services that it offers its customers, resulting in the delivery of a versatile and agile warehouse with optimum quality racking. A warehouse that confirms Calyco’s consolidation in Chile and for which AR Racking installed an adjustable pallet racking solution with capacity for 5,000 positions.

“When requesting the requirements (quotes, technical advice, etc.) during the project, we were at all times very professionally looked after by the sales area with great support from the AR Racking management team” explained Andrés Cuglia, General Manager of Calyco. He added that they were “truly surprised with the very fast delivery times, as well as the quality of the racking installed”. In total, four weeks for the full installation of 5,000 pallet positions.

“Adjustable pallet racking allows you to quickly locate each pallet and access is direct and immediate. It therefore enables time and space saving in goods handling generating fast stock rotation, exactly what a logistics operator like Calyco needed”, explained Francisco González, Project Manager of AR Racking Chile.

Cuglia explained that another of the factors that made the logistics operator choose AR Racking was that “it had the materials available while not that many companies had immediate availability; with AR Racking we had availability and stock of materials”.


A warehouse to keep growing

Calyco started in the 1980s in Argentina as a logistics operator for mass market companies and over the years it diversified into different countries. In 2000 it established itself in Uruguay, in 2019 it ventured into Chile and this year it started up in Peru. Calyco explained that “it is now considering expanding into Colombia”. 

It has been three years since Calyco started its operations in Chile. Despite plenty of optimism and good forecasts, the beginnings were quite tough due to the social instability of the country and the health crisis. The situation stabilised and it now has a loyal customer portfolio. The new warehouse completes the 35,000 m² warehouses with a storage capacity of 30,000 pallet positions that Calyco has in total, with an in & out operating capacity of 50 trucks per day.