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The cosmetics company Viuty reorganises its warehouse with AR Racking to become more efficient


Viuty Ltda, leader in professional hair cosmetic products in Chile, decided to reorganise its warehouse with AR Racking’s storage solutions to meet the new logistics needs resulting from the continuous growth experienced in recent years.

“We have had to improve and increase the capacity of the logistics operation in order to supply our customers, in accordance with the expectations that they demand and deserve”, explained Cristóbal Berardi, Operations Manager at Viuty. After an analysis of the space and type of product management, AR Racking opted for the design and installation of adjustable pallet racking, a very agile goods handling solution due to the rapid location of the unit loads and direct access to them.

AR Racking, with a finished product stocked warehouse in Santiago, completed the entire project in a reduced timeframe of 2 weeks, adapting to the scheduled dates which Viuty valued positively. Berardi highlighted in particular, “the guarantee of AR Racking’s first-class products, strict compliance with safety standards, the professionalism shown and transparency over the technical specifications”.

“Equipping the warehouse with our selective racking will meet Viuty’s need to improve supply and dispatch times”, explained Francisco González Fernández, AR Racking Chile Project Manager, whose approach is to help companies throughout Chile achieve greater competitiveness in their logistics operations, regardless of their size, product or needs.

In fact, this is the first time that Viuty entrusted AR Racking with optimising its warehouse space and equipping its facilities.

Viuty-reorganises-its-warehouse with-AR-Racking