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The canning company ALBO optimises its new warehouse with mobile pallet racking from AR Racking (Video)

  • The mobile pallet racking designed and installed by AR Racking ensures full exploitation of the space and direct access to the goods.
  • AR Racking has installed the rails in an area of warehouse for imminent expansion.

The well-known fish and seafood canning company has given its business in north-east Spain a boost with the opening of a new factory in Salvaterra de Miño. Equipped by AR Racking with mobile pallet racking, this warehouse will make it possible to increase stock without hindering the speed and flow of operations.

The storage solutions specialist AR Racking valued a system that would combine the best of compact storage and adjustable pallet racking. For this reason, it opted for mobile pallet racking, which is like adjustable pallet racking, but with electric motors and remote traction elements on its base in order to move the racks from one side to another on rails to open a single access aisle for the forklift.

In this case, AR Racking worked in 2 warehouse areas that cover a surface area of 2,940 m2 in which 6,506 pallets will be able to be stored. According to Ricardo García, AR Racking’s north-east region sales representative, “being a compact system, it manages to store more pallets than adjustable racking systems and although access is not completely immediate, it is still direct, thus facilitating the loading and unloading work”. The final load level is at 11.3 metres.

In the third area of the warehouse, the rails have been installed for future expansion and will be able to store 11,240 pallets. “The project was managed in a very personalised way, according to our requirements and with the installation completed in 3 weeks, so we are very satisfied with AR Racking”, said ALBO representative Yong Wang.