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New installation for Jaylo's 17,000 m2 innovative logistics platform


Jaylo, the company specialised in global transport and logistics services, is finalising the commissioning of the new 17,000 m2 logistics platform which will integrate its facilities with those of its customer SKF, company dedicated to the design and manufacture of bearings, seals and lubrication systems.

It is the first project of the Jaylo Intralogistics division, which from now on will be able to supply and collect the finished product at the request of its customer SKF during 24 hours. AR Racking has installed Adjustable Pallet Racking systems, achieving a further 2,700 new pallet positions and 2,200 new positions for half pallets, as well as FIFO Live Pallet Racking, resulting in 2,160 new positions for half pallets. Both storage solutions occupy around 4,250 m2 of the total 17,000 m2 which covers the total space of the logistics platform that will be operative soon.

To guarantee the correct positioning of the half pallets of the AR Live Storage live pallet racking systems, the structure has been fitted with lateral guide wheels, which will ensure a maximum lateral movement of 15 mm as the loads are transported along the conveyor. This will ensure that the driverless AGV forklifts collect all the unit loads.

“It is an ambitious, avant-garde project that has required the meticulous coordination of many teams from different industrial sectors” explained David García Osta, Jaylo Director. He added, “AR Racking’s speed in the design and installation of the industrial racking has greatly helped the process”.

For AR Racking Sales Representative Xabier Rica, “our storage systems have fully exploited the warehouse space, resulting in greater competitiveness and customer efficiency by optimising the logistics performance”.

The new logistics platform will mean a significant reduction in COemissions and will be powered by renewable energy, in line with Jaylo's sustainable and modern logistics management principles.