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#MeetOurDistributors: Suinteco


Suinteco, at a glance:

Our activity started at the end of the 70s, but we operated under a different name (SAE). So Suinteco as we know it today, was born at the end of 1986. We are located in Ontinyent, so our working area is the south of Valencia and the north of Alicante.

Suinteco is a family business that has just celebrated 35 years of service to our customers, in which the second generation is on duty, always learning and trying to keep up to date with the new demands of the market. We have a staff of 20 and 22 people working for us, more than 70% of whom have been with us for more than 15 and 20 years. That says a lot about the specialisation of our technicians.


What is SUINTECO’s range of products and services?

Suinteco is a company dedicated to the world of logistics supply in general.

One of our main activities is the assembly of industrial racking for small, medium, and large loads, a service that we complement, but no less important, with mezzanines, partitions, lockers, industrial machinery such as strapping machines, balers, sweepers, scrubbers, docks, shelters, sectional doors, slat curtains, loading trolleys, hand pallet trucks, compressors, dryers, etc., among other supplies for industry.

We are also dedicated to the rental, sale, repair, and maintenance of new or second-hand forklift trucks and lifting platforms.


In terms of storage and industrial racking, what distinguishes SUINTECO from its competitors?

Agility, service and after-sales service and adaptation to customer needs, with qualified people with a lot of experience in the industry.


How was the partnership with AR Racking established?

The relationship began when Vicente Marín joined AR Racking as Sales Representative for the Levante area, coming from another company in the sector. We had no doubts at any time about his dedication, as we had worked together for many years, so we decided to accompany him in his new career.


What does it mean for SUINTECO to be a strategic distributor of AR Racking?

The support and advice of the technical team, knowing that they will respond to situations that may arise.


Why be a distributor of AR Racking and not of other manufacturers?

Because we found the peace of mind that for AR Racking we are a company to be taken into account and not just one more in the market.


What are the future challenges for SUINTECO as a company?

To continue to provide solutions to our customers and to improve to be a leading logistics supply company in the area.


What are the current challenges in the industrial storage and logistics sector in Spain?

At the national level, I suppose it will be the same as in this area, each one to his own extent. What is clear is that our most important challenge is, first of all, to know our client, to know their product, to know their way of working and to analyse their needs by comparing them with other companies in their sector, helping them to find the best solutions, to reduce time, costs, etc...


What kind of storage need are the companies in Spain currently demanding?

Above all, we are carrying out projects in which we are installing conventional pallet racking systems, which is an industrial storage solution that gives a lot of agility and capacity to warehouse operations; and also note that the compact drive-in solution is experiencing a boom among those customers or warehouses that need greater storage density.


Recent industrial storage projects?

It is worth mentioning the recent installations of large companies such as Vodom, Vicam, Cotoblau, New Mop, Transportes Martinez Albert (Azkar), among others.


Which sectors are demanding new warehousing solutions or the renewal of their intralogistics in Spain?

In particular, the plastics, toy and textile industries.


JOSE COMPANY (Founding Partner and Sales Director)