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#MeetOurDistributors: Mecamur


Mecamur, at a glance:

Our history began in 1996, when we started working for companies dedicated to the sale of metal shelving. Later, in 2004, MECAMUR MONTAJES, S.L. was founded with the intention of covering a larger market share, expanding not only to the commercial sector but also to the provision of professional services on site. Thanks to our professionalism, efficiency and attention, we are soon immersed in a national expansion project.

We offer logistic and visual communication solutions that evolve according to the client's needs, with individual and specialised attention.

Values that differentiate us:

- Quality service

- Security and safety

- Adaptability

- Commitment

- Punctuality

- Reliability

- Ability to react to unforeseen circumstances

- Professionalism


We understand our work as the last link between our client and the final client, with respectful treatment and fluid and direct communication between the three parties.  We know that we are capable of both winning a client forever and losing them in the same way, which is why our future depends to a large extent on carrying out our work on time and in an efficient manner.

We have the satisfaction of working for the leading companies in the national sector in all types of sectors: from large food stores, pharmacies, logistic distribution, etc.

Our activity revolves around four main lines of action: visual communication of façades and large buildings, assembly and management of furniture, metal racking and all kinds of constructive solutions for façades.


Our headquarters are in Murcia and we have a branch office in Madrid, but we cover the whole of Spain, having carried out work both in Europe and on the African continent.

We have 40 fitters plus 6 workers in different positions in administration, HR, equipment management and personnel. In recent years we have had an exponential growth of 3% per year in terms of recruitment, due to the significant increase in work and the volume of works. We have seen valuable growth in the number of new clients and the volume of works to be carried out, with some taking up to 8 months to complete.

What is Mecamur's range of products and services?

We are present in almost all sectors related to assembly, from façades to hotels, carrying out metal or wood carpentry works indistinctly.

In terms of storage and industrial shelving, what distinguishes Mecamur from its competitors?

Perhaps it is not a distinction, but we can boast of the versatility of our fitters to adapt to the needs of the work and the resolution of their work.


"In recent years we have had an exponential growth of 3% per year in terms of contracting, due to the significant increase in work and the volume of works".


How is the collaboration with AR Racking established?

Through the sales teams of both companies, they have known each other for a long time, having had previous contact to carry out work together, from which we obtained a great harmony and comfort when working.

What does it mean for Mecamur to be a strategic distributor of AR Racking?

Feeling backed and supported by a great brand with extensive experience and presence in the market.

Why be a distributor of AR Racking and not of other manufacturers?

And why not? As we have mentioned before, we have a great affinity with the sales team and they are always willing to help our projects for competitiveness and service. In addition to improving, growing, and expanding our offer in the market, in order to be able to expand our customer base.

What are the future challenges for Mecamur as a company?

To continue growing in each of our departments to be able to offer more and better service to our current and future customers.

What are the current challenges facing the industrial racking solutions and logistics sector at national level and in the area where you operate?

Currently, our main challenge, like the rest of the companies and sectors, is to deal with the significant increase in prices, due to the scarcity of raw materials, produced by Covid-19. Our sector works with raw materials such as aluminium, steel, iron, etc., which have seen an increase of 27.68% this year in aluminium, 40% in steel and 30% in iron. To this increase in raw materials we have to add the cost of logistics, which has an impact on the customer's final price. We find this incidence in all the work we do at a national level.

What kind of warehousing needs are the companies you attend to currently communicating?

Most of the needs that we are encountering are storage capacity and space optimisation, with which we help companies to have better reorganisation, planning and time optimisation.

Any recent storage projects that deserve a special mention?

We have just finished a series of improvements in one of the leading national companies in the manufacture of plastic bags, carrying out different actions for this purpose. These actions have been divided into changing the heights of the lines, enlargement of new warehouses, replacement of damaged props and installation of new shelving, thereby achieving a better optimisation of space for our client.

Which sectors are demanding new storage solutions or the renovation of their intralogistics in your area?

The primary sector related to food and increasingly the transport sector (Logistics).


Jose Antonio Izquierdo Madrid / Operations Manager