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#MeetOurDistributors: Mancha Elevación


Mancha Elevación, at a glance:

Company created in 2019 by two founding partners, Pedro Cano and Sergio Honrado, sales department and S.A.T department respectively. We have a team of 9 people and operate throughout Castilla La Mancha (central and central-east Spain).


What is Mancha Elevación's range of products and services?

In addition to industrial storage, we are the official dealer for Ciudad Real of one of the leading multinationals in the manufacture and distribution of forklift trucks; and we are also an authorised distributor + S.A.T. authorised for Ciudad Real of one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial cleaning systems.


In terms of storage and industrial racking, what distinguishes Mancha Elevación from its competitors?

Professionalism, experience, proximity and agility of movement.


How was the collaboration with AR Racking established?

The collaboration came about through Guillermo San Román (AR Racking Central Area Sales Representative) and José M. Lucio (current Managing Director of AR Racking). They offered the representation to Pedro Cano because of his experience in the world of racking, as he had previously been working in the storage systems sector.

What does it mean for Mancha Elevación to be a strategic distributor of AR Racking?

For Mancha Elevación it means the continuity of its quality policy, working with manufacturers who are at the forefront of their sector and offer the necessary quality to be a reference in the area.


Why be a distributor of AR Racking and not of other manufacturers?

AR Racking has all the necessary qualities to be a reference in the area, quality product, seriousness and simplicity in its processes and a very close and professional team ready for almost anything.


What are the future challenges for Mancha Elevación as a company?

Mancha Elevación is in constant development, with a forecast of 15% annual growth over the next 5 years. Furthermore, we hope to be the main reference for our sectors and areas of activity when these 5 years are over.


What are the current challenges facing the industrial warehousing and logistics sector at national level and in the area in which you operate?

Currently we have to face the shortage of materials, the increase in product costs and the uncertainty generated by the pandemic from which, fortunately, we seem to be emerging. A real challenge is to meet the demands of our customers while maintaining our quality policy.


"Mancha Elevación is in constant development, with a forecast of 15% annual growth over the next 5 years".


What kind of storage needs are the companies that you serve currently having?

Our area of action is made up of a diversity of companies with very different activities, practically all sectors are represented, so the storage needs are practically personalised.


Are there any recent warehousing projects that deserve special mention?

At present, projects such as those carried out at:

- Vestas Manufacturing (renewable energies), where we installed live pallet racking.

- Rewair (wind turbines), where we carried out a project with adjustable pallet rackings.

- SAT del Campo (agricultural and livestock cooperative), in which we created Drive In racking for the storage of pistachio nuts.

- Electrotodo (electrical appliances), where we carried out an LS manual load racking project worthy of mention.


As can be seen, we carry out very diverse installations in terms of sector, client and industrial racking.


Which sectors are demanding new storage solutions or the renovation of their intralogistics in your area?

At the moment, the logistics and agricultural sectors are creating the most demand.


Pedro Cano Garcia, CEO Mancha Elevación.