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#MeetOurDistributors: Paillet Manutention et Stockage


Paillet Manutention, at a glance:

Year of creation: Paillet Manutention et Stockage was created in 1974 (initially named Paillet Diffusion)

Market/area where they operate: Historically, our area of operation is the greater Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, but we have a commercial reach throughout France with travelling sales representatives also based in Paris, Auxerre, Toulouse and soon in Marseille. We can also intervene in border countries (Italy, Switzerland, or Belgium).

Head office: The head office and our warehouse are in Nivolas-Vermelle (Isère).

Characteristics of the company: Paillet Manutention et Stockage has remained a human-sized company. We currently have 20 employees, including 8 travelling salesmen spread throughout France. Our know-how and the quality of our products are recognised by many industrialists and logisticians in France.

In 2019, Paillet Manutention et stockage will have a turnover of approximately 5.1 million euros, with a slight drop in 2020 to 4.7 million euros. Despite the health situation, we have not stopped investing in equipment, and we have recruited two new sales representatives and two new account managers.


Paillet Manutention is currently owned by ZINETTI France. What does this agreement mean for Paillet Manutention?

After several years with different industrial groups clearly focused on their subsidiaries producing sheet metal products, Paillet Manutention et Stockage was taken over in October 2019 by the Zinetti Technologies group based in Asola, Italy.

The Zinetti Technologies group owns various companies, including a company that manufactures press brakes and several trading companies related to the processing of steel sheets (laser cutting machines, additional tools, etc.). This acquisition is part of the Zinetti Technologies group's development in France, both in the original Paillet Manutention et Stockage market and in the steel processing machine market.

The Zinetti Technologies group is managed by Maurizio ZINETTI and his family. The transition was therefore very natural and team cohesion and well-being at work have never been more important.

This takeover was therefore the starting point for the renewal of Paillet Manutention et Stockage both in terms of equipment with the implementation of a new ERP system and state-of-the-art computer equipment, in terms of sales with the development of the Marseille sector, the strengthening of our partnership with AR Racking and in terms of marketing with the adoption and monitoring of a real communication strategy.

What is the range of products and services offered by Paillet Manutention?

Paillet Manutention et Stockage distributes a wide range of products related to storage and handling in general. AR Racking products represent 50% of our company's sales. In addition, in collaboration with Schoeller Allibert, we also sell their entire range of plastic bins, plastic pallets and rolling platforms, and with Wicke France a very wide range of wheels and castors, which we keep in stock at our site in Nivolas-Vermelle in Isère. We are also a reseller of storage platforms and handling trolleys.

Moreover, the strength of Paillet Manutention et Stockage is that we can offer our customers customised products for any range of products (trolleys, containers, pallets, etc.). Thanks to our 47 years of experience, our design office is able to meet the most precise needs of our customers. This is one of our assets and above all a great source of pride.

When it comes to industrial storage and racking, what distinguishes Paillet Manutention from its competitors?

Our strength lies in 3 main points:

The first: Our know-how, more than 40 years of experience, allows us today to respond to almost any request, regardless of its complexity or volume. Our in-house design office analyses and processes requests with care and responsiveness.

Second: Our products are of high quality, reliable and robust.

Third: Our wide range of products is sold by a sales force present and available throughout the country.

How was the collaboration with AR Racking established?

For over 10 years, Paillet Manutention et Stockage has been French distributor of AR Racking. We can count on the daily support of François Farnier Ruiz and the AR Racking back office.

What does it mean for Paillet Manutention to be the strategic distributor of AR Racking?

As a strategic distributor of AR Racking, we stock a wide variety of pallet racking and medium-heavy racking references to meet our customers' needs as quickly as possible. We also have access to the dimensions and all the technical data sheets enabling us to respond to a very large number of projects in total autonomy. Being a strategic distributor also means being able to count on the support of AR Racking if necessary, both technically and commercially.

Why be a distributor of AR Racking and not other manufacturers?

The French racking solutions market requires a wide range of quality products to meet any need. AR Racking meets these criteria perfectly.

What are the future challenges for Paillet Manutention as a company?

Paillet Manutention et Stockage must position itself on the market in front of the storage giants because the market is accelerating, and the demands are increasingly competitive.

To do this, we are putting forward our long experience which today enables us to work with the largest French companies as well as the smallest. In the future, we want to further establish our image as a key professional in the field of storage and handling in a rapidly expanding sector. Our main challenges for 2021, and probably for the beginning of 2022, will be to make our place on the Internet and to work on our communication, whether digital or not. We are also convinced that automated solutions will be a key product in the coming years, and we plan to integrate these specific skills within Paillet Manutention et Stockage. New hires, a new design office for customised products, these investments in people and equipment will, we hope, be a source of success and progress for our company.

What are the current challenges of the industrial storage and logistics sector in France?

Higher, faster, bigger!

The Covid-19 health crisis, the rise of e-commerce, the recovery of the activity in France and in Europe, the stakes are high for industrialists and logisticians. Responding quickly, accurately and with REAL expertise, at competitive rates are 3 of the challenges facing Paillet Manutention et Stockage.

What kind of storage needs do French companies currently have?

Currently, French companies are focusing on conventional storage, whether it be pallet racks or storage platforms. Customised products to meet specific customer needs are also very present in the market. We also believe that automated solutions will become increasingly important in the market in the coming years.

Which sectors require new storage solutions or the renovation of their intralogistics in France?

Currently, all sectors of activity and all our areas of operation are in demand.

Ms DUTON Solé | Mr Benjamin Daragon | Mr Maurizio Zinetti