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Industrias del Espino extends its warehouse with AR Racking

  • AR Racking has implemented its storage solutions in a warehouse extension for Industrias del Espino, Peruvian producer of palm oil with RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certification across its whole supply chain.
  • AR Racking has installed a combination of three storage systems.
  • The warehouse is located in Palmawasi-Santa Lucía-San Martin.

Industrias del Espino, leader in sustainable palm oil production, improved its Palmawasi facilities (Santa Lucía-San Martin, Perú) thanks to the combination of three storage solutions from AR Racking, comprehensive storage solutions provider for all types of loads.

AR Racking implemented a comprehensive storage solution, combining an adjustable pallet racking storage system and a Drive In racking and Cantilever racking system. Adjustable pallet racking allows the storage of pallets mechanically and functionally using forklifts, making it an excellent storage solution thanks to its ease of assembly, adaptability to different storage needs and ease of quickly locating each pallet through direct and immediate access.

For its part, Drive In compact racking, of high storage density, enables very orderly logistics management and full optimisation of the available space and height. The combination of the systems will firstly allow agile and direct access storage and, secondly, higher storage density for slow-moving products. The incorporation of cantilever racking will also enable storage of large and voluminous bulk loads.

Industrias del Espino is the first Peruvian agro-industrial company to produce palm oil with the RSPO certification, which ensures that RSPO members produce palm oil sustainably. The Peruvian company has more than 40 years of experience in the sector and is the first from the sector in the country to incorporate a Sustainability Policy.

“AR Racking responded quickly and precisely to our warehouse space extension need, meaning we will be able to work with shorter loading and unloading times thanks to the easy access to goods that its racking gives us”, explained, Hugo Olivera, Warehouse Manager of Industrias del Espino.

“Our service is comprehensive; it goes beyond the mere manufacture and installation of racking. Together with the customer, we believed that the combination of the systems would more effectively meet the needs of Industrias del Espino”, added Omar Durand, project manager in AR Racking. AR Racking's comprehensive project management process covers technical and logistical advice, installation planning, execution deadlines, product quality and the quality of installation of the structures.