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H.W. Kessel SAC entrusts AR Racking with the installation of its new warehouse

  • W. Kessel SAC, specialist laboratory equipment company, has a new 337.20 m2 warehouse in Lurín.
  • AR Racking has installed an adjustable pallet racking system with picking levels.

H.W. Kessel SAC, leading company in high-quality laboratory equipment, has installed a new warehouse in Megacentro-Lurín with the help of AR Racking, to improve its customer service with this opening.

AR Racking has installed a 337.20 m2 warehouse with an adjustable pallet racking system that incorporates some picking levels. Adjustable pallet racking is a storage system designed to store pallets mechanically by using forklifts adapted to any type of unit load. Adjustable pallet racking makes it possible to locate each pallet quickly and access is direct and immediate. It also offers rigorous control of the stored references, since each position corresponds to its unit load. Manual picking levels also allow you to see all the products easily and their adaptability to other storage systems makes it an optimum storage system.

H.W. Kessel SAC offers the Peruvian scientific world knowledge and comprehensive solutions through trade and training in state-of-the-art products. It wants to continue to consolidate its leadership position and be the benchmark for quality in laboratory equipment, as well as in applications and acquisition, promoting science and technology, and thus contribute to the country’s development.

H.W. Kessel SAC’s logistics manager, Elida Villanera, commented: “AR Racking’s industrial racking will allow us to achieve maximum logistics operating efficiency, a priority factor for our company if we want to continue to expand our market in the import of laboratory equipment.” The company has the backing and guarantee of the manufacturer, and all the instruments, equipment, tools, procedures and formats adhere to its protocol.

Omar Durand, AR Racking Project Manager, added: “It is a solution perfectly adapted to the different sizes and stock rotation of the customer’s goods, whose wide range of products required more precise logistics operations”. The storage solution specialist has its own office in Peru, with its own stock warehouse, from where it provides coverage to the entire country.