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AR Racking signs new Affinity Petcare warehouse in Barcelona


Custom design, high quality structures and optimum use of space are the characteristics defining the solution which AR Racking has installed in the new Affinity Petcare warehouse in Barcelona, in the district of Santa Margarida i els Monjos.

The well-known company, leader in the production of pet food in Spain, and who market their products in more than 50 countries, has moved their headquarters to new facilities. A team of 190 people work in the new warehouse which has an area of 3500 m2, including a warehouse which serves as the logistical base. AR Racking has been commissioned to equip this with a modern storage system to suit the company’s requirements.

The AR team, specialised in innovative solutions, has designed a combination of structures for storing products in three different spaces each with particular temperature conditions: a freezer room, a cold storage room and an outgoing product storage room.

The freezer room has been fitted with live storage racking with five lanes, a depth of nine pallets and four levels and a storage capacity for 180 pallets weighing 900 Kg each. The cold storage room has four lanes with a nine-pallet depth and three levels of stacked pallets, for a total of 216 pallets weighing 900 kg each. A two-lane system has been designed for the outgoing product storage room. This too has a depth of nine pallets; one of the lanes has three levels while the other has 4, and it has a capacity of 108 pallets each weighing 140 Kg. Altogether, the assembly installed by AR has a capacity of 504 pallets.

The project is the result of collaboration between the Affinity Petcare technical team and specialists from AR Racking, who have worked together to define a solution in accordance with the business needs of the international animal nutrition experts. The company has five production centres and affiliates in France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Brazil, and more than 1300 employees. Its products can be found at more than 120,00 points of sale and in more than 14 million homes.

As elements of added value, AR Racking has offered a highly specialised point of view, an approach closely focused on logistical improvement and a high technical and service capacity to address the challenges of the different stages of the project in the established conditions and deadlines. According to Victor Alguacil from Affinity Petcare “the commitment of the AR team to the project combined with their professionalism have been key elements which have enabled us to obtain our expectations from the new warehouse, and as of today we now have first class logistical facilities.”

AR Racking is part of the Arania Group, an industrial organisation with long experience in a multi-sectoral activity which has revolved around steel processing for more than 75 years.