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AR Racking opens its new sales office in Germany


AR Racking, a provider of industrial storage solutions at international level with a commercial presence in more than 60 countries, based in Bizkaia (Spain), is giving a new boost to its strategy in the German market. AR Racking has been present in the German market for many years thanks to an extensive network of distributors and retailers. At the moment, AR Racking takes a qualitative leap with the opening of a new office for closer customer service.

Germany, the most important economic engine in Europe, venue of some leading companies on the international scene in the automotive and technology field, and with an increasingly rich economy, is one of the most demanding countries in terms of quality and delivery times.

AR Racking is a benchmark in the industrial storage sector, and its identifying features: innovation, excellence and service quality are in line with the demanding requirements of the German companies.

AR Racking continues to grow in Germany. The increase in business volume and the growth of the presence of AR Racking in this country have prompted the opening of a new office in Duisburg. Laura Garrido, Commercial Manager for Conventional Solutions; Bart Pulles, Large Account Sales Responsible; Claudia Avenhues, Technical Director, and the rest of the AR Racking commercial team for Germany will develop new storage projects. These projects, addressed to the final client, are developed and installed in close collaboration to provide innovative and adaptable solutions to each type of company.

The German team will work hand in hand with the professionals of the AR Racking technology center, which is dedicated exclusively to R&D&I activities for the development of advanced engineering projects, to offer German companies storage systems adapted to their needs.

With this new delegation, AR Racking professionals will serve and monitor the market throughout the German territory with a high response capacity and closer customer service attention. In the words of Laura Garrido, “The opening of the delegation in Duisburg is a strategic step for the growth of AR Racking in a market of high demand and with great relevance as Germany. With the new headquarters, we will be able to cover more ambitious projects and enhance even more the proximity both with the client and with the distributors ".

AR Racking is part of the Arania Group, a large scale industrial group of companies with extensive experience and multi-sectoral activity around the transformation of steel for more than 75 years. AR Racking brings to the market a wide range of solutions with a high level of certified quality. It has a 100% automated production plant and its own R+D+i technology centre. AR Racking has developed an innovative traceability procedure that allows beams and struts to have a unique identification serial number. In addition, it produces in a standardized way all its shelves in pre-galvanized finish to ensure optimal storage even in extreme temperatures. The fact of belonging to a large steel group, and its deep knowledge on the composition and behaviour of the materials, gives AR Racking a great reliability in meeting delivery deadlines.