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AR Racking and Emergent Cold LatAm: the largest storage project in Latin America

  • AR Racking installs 37,000 Double Deep Adjustable Pallet Racking Positions in Talcahuano, Chile.
  • This Project Stands Out for its Efficiency and Capacity in the Cold Chain.

AR Racking, global leader in industrial storage systems, has successfully concluded its collaboration with Emergent Cold LatAm, one of the main players in cold chain logistics in Latin America, in an unprecedented project in the region.

The project, located in Talcahuano, Chile, is a significant landmark in the expansion and consolidation of Emergent Cold LatAm in the region. With a total of 37,000 double deep adjustable pallet racking positions and a height of approximately 14,000 mm, this installation sets a new standard in efficiency and storage capacity in the cold chain industry.

Leonardo Galvão, LatAm Project Manager at Emergent Cold LatAm, highlighted the importance of this strategic collaboration: "With the growth and acquisitions throughout Latin America, we have established ourselves as one of the leaders in the cold chain in the region. This project marks a significant milestone for us, not only as the largest storage installation in Chile and Latin America, but also as a testament to our commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction".

Emergent Cold LatAm chose AR Racking as its partner in this project for its proven experience, quality of materials and leadership in the storage industry in Chile and Latin America. "We chose AR Racking for its experience and quality of materials and installation, being one of the industry leaders in Chile and Latin America", explained Galvão.

Galvão pointed to the added values that AR Racking brought to the project: "AR Racking has international experience, which is crucial for bringing the world's best practices to the local markets we are expanding into. Its in-depth knowledge of the local market, design and calculation of projects with applied Chilean earthquake engineering, as well as its commitment to compliance with local regulations, were key factors in our decision".

The experience of implementing the project with AR Racking surpassed our expectations in terms of time, quality and response. "AR Racking fulfilled the delivery times perfectly and surprised us with the assembly and installation speed. Its installation team demonstrated great experience and the materials used are of the very highest quality", said Galvão.

Germán Flores Miranda, General Manager of AR Racking Chile, added that “it has been a very challenging project. A project of this scale, implemented more than 500 km from Santiago, was a huge logistical and operation challenge. Our team was up to it, completing the implementation in the fastest times in the industry”.