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36,960 positions in Nelly's e-commerce warehouse together with our partner Rudells (Video)


Nelly, a leading online retailer of fashion and beauty products in the Nordic countries,relied on the expertise in industrial storage systems of AR Racking and its distributor and strategic partner Rudells, who have designed and installed a narrow aisle racking solution (VNA racking) adapted to the storage of boxes in a 1,360 m2 area of the new warehouse. With the installation of these racks, a storage capacity of 36,960 positions was achieved. The warehouse is located in Borås (Sweden).

"When Nelly first contacted us, they looked at a solution with high storage with shelves. Given the characteristics of the products and the customer's needs, we proposed a pallet racking solution, but adapted to the storage of boxes" explains Anders Rudell, Sales Manager of Rudells Lagerinredningar.


After that first phase of technical-logistical analysis and the search for the best solution for the customer, Rudells and AR Racking designed and installed a narrow aisle racking solution with 1200 mm deep sections to pick 600 mm boxes from both sides. In addition, mesh panels were added to the sections to prevent dust on the storage levels and to allow the sprinklers to reach the entire installation.

According to Jimmy Andersson, Regional Area Manager for Scandinavia, EE & South Africa at AR Racking, "the storage system installed is a very versatile solution as it allows adaptation to any type of goods, by weight or volume, by regulating the load levels or adding any of the accessories for special loads". Additionally, the narrow aisle racks allow direct and selective access to the stored goods.