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What is Reverse Logistics? Concept, types and logistical advantages

We said in the supply chain post that the supply chain involves all the necessary operations for a product to reach the end customer. We defined “delivery” as the final phase of that...

Protective Coatings for Industrial Racking: Galvanised or Paint?

The storage solutions industry faces numerous challenges: ranging from the type of storage solution that adapts to the requirement of each of the industries, through to how to design and manufacture...

Supply chain: what it is and its characteristics

The supply chain is a process that indirectly and fully affects our day-to-day. In every purchase that we make, in the transport of goods, in the warehouses of online retail giants… the...

The importance of good steel in industrial racking

Steel is an essential material in our day-to-day. It is a material that is found in almost all the elements that we handle and visualise each day: from cars to tins of food, including large buildings and warehouses.

Calculation of an Adjustable Pallet Racking structure: EN 15512 standard

Industrial Racking is an essential element in warehouses and distribution centres. The purpose of racking is to store the load efficiently and positively impact the company’s activity....

Logistics Distribution Centre: What it is, its advantages and functions

With the rise of online retail, the importance of logistics has grown significantly, and logistics distribution centres have become a vital element in the process. We will look at their importance,...

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