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Layout and design of a warehouse: key factors and objectives

The function of a warehouse is to store and control a company's stocks for administration, production or the sale of products. It is an aspect that has undergone a transformation in terms of...

Stock or inventory management in a warehouse

Stock or stock inventory is the collection of all the materials and goods stored, whether for use to complete the production process or for sale to the customer. Efficient management of warehouse...

Main areas of a warehouse

Logistics is a production process that includes a set of means and methods for the organisation of a specific company or service. As a production process, optimisation is a priority to achieving...

Maintenance and replacement of industrial racking components

We know what key aspects must be considered when ensuring safety in a warehouse and we have previously discussed the risks and prevention measures associated with industrial racking systems to...

Industrial racking components and accessories

The main element of storage systems is the industrial racking. The height of the racking and the distance between the different levels will depend on storage needs, the handling equipment and available space.

Warehouses: industrial racking risks and prevention measures

The warehouse is a facility or building where a company stores, gathers and manages its products/goods either for its own use or for external use. It is the logistics hub of a company, the centre...