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Logistics Distribution Centre: What it is, its advantages and functions

With the rise of online retail, the importance of logistics has grown significantly, and logistics distribution centres have become a vital element in the process. We will look at their importance,...

The Wilson Model (EOQ) system in the warehouse: Stock Management

The Wilson Model, also known as the EOQ (Economic Order Quantity) system, is a very widely used stock management method to reduce inventory costs in a warehouse. It is one of the simplest stock...

Types of Loads in a Warehouse and their storage

A company’s economic activity will determine the type of warehouse it needs. Similarly, although all warehouses share common characteristics, the product to be stored will determine the...

ABC Inventory Method in the Warehouse: Origin, Characteristics and Advantages

The ABC inventory classification method is a system for segmenting and organising warehouse products based on their importance, relevance to the company, economic value, benefits, rotation generated, etc.

Types of stock and inventory in a warehouse

In one of our previous publications, we looked at how to correctly manage warehouse inventory, and then reviewed the different types of stock or stock classifications to determine which is the...

Logistics Real Estate in the face of the rise of Online Sales

The Logistics Real Estate sector has experienced a sharp rise in the years following the crisis and especially since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, which has been a challenge in terms...