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Industrial storage and logistics of perishable products

The industrial storage and logistics process of perishable products and food must comply with very strict specific characteristics to ensure their correct preservation throughout the supply chain.

Picking solutions for the Textile Sector: Hanging or folded garment

Those companies that produce or market final products related to clothing manufacturing are included within the textile sector. The footwear sector is generally included as part of this sector,...

6 standards that certify industrial racking quality

As is the case in different industries and to put it simply, certifications arise from the need to have a validation process carried out by an external body on the quality standard of the products,...

Differences between Longspan Shelving and Carton Flow Rack (Picking)

Although industrial storage is generally associated with heavy loads, mostly homogeneously grouped on pallets, industrial goods can also be stored in racking systems for picking of lighter loads...

Turnkey projects in warehouse industrial storage

The full implementation of a project with various industrial processes requires precise coordination between a wide range of human and technical resources. The essence of turnkey projects is...

Types of pallets and uses

The correct distribution and location of the goods greatly facilitates the logistics operations of a warehouse or distribution centre. It is of little or no use to equip an installation with...