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Wave picking: What it is and how to apply it

The development and transformation of logistics in recent years is unstoppable, mainly due to changes in the behaviour of society and the growth of e-commerce. In this context, the picking or...

Batch picking: What is it and how it works

The main objective of the order preparation process or picking in a warehouse must be to ensure that it is done correctly and error-free, and in the least time and with the resources available to the company.

Tips to organise a warehouse efficiently

A well-organised warehouse is essential to ensure that a company’s logistics processes are productive, effective and as agile as possible. Improving the performance of a warehouse or distribution...

Flooring options in a logistics warehouse: Importance and Types

The importance of having good flooring in our warehouse is huge, as it is the base on which all our daily work is carried out and on which the industrial racking that stores the company’s...

RFID technology applied in a warehouse and logistics

Agility and efficiency in warehouses are vital for their smooth operation, and one of the latest innovations they now have is RFID technology. Barcode technology has evolved notably in recent...

Types of picking in a warehouse: phases and keys to optimise it

In logistics warehouses there are two main different types of storage, firstly, storage for heavy loads generally using pallet racking solutions and, secondly, manual storage or picking solutions for lighter loads.

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