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Multi-tier racking system allows SP Digital to gain warehouse space

SP Digital is a computer company founded in Santiago, Chile in 2006. It imports, sells and distributes computer solutions for individuals, companies and resellers. In order to offer personalized attention and competitive prices, SP Digital is constantly innovating, developing technologies and studying trends that allow them to offer a wide range of products and services.

AR Racking has installed in the SP Digital’s warehouse in Pudahuel, Santiago de Chile, a storage system called Multitier racking or high rise aisles, for manual pick-up. This solution is a storage system designed for warehouses with limited floor areas but with the possibility of height growth.

Specifically, what has been installed in the SP Digital warehouse is a system of high-rise aisles on two levels, which has allowed the Chilean company to store its products taking advantage of the height of its warehouse. This system allows SP Digital to easily access its products, which vary in size and weight.

In the two-level high-rise aisles system and in the transit aisles wooden cargo decks have been installed. In addition, safety measures such as railings and mesh coverings have been installed, as well as an access staircase and a pivoting door.

Edward Rojas, Head of Warehouse and Logistics at SP Digital says: “the space in our warehouse was small and it was clear for us that we needed to gain space in some way for our wide range of product categories and the variety of models, prices and brands we store. The high-rise aisles solution that AR Racking installed has allowed us to take advantage of the height of the warehouse and created more storage space”.

According to Juan Antonio Valdebenito, Project Manager at AR Racking Chile, the AR Multitier or high-rise aisles system allows “optimal use in height, as well as better adaptability and accessibility to stored goods. It was the ideal solution for the characteristics of the warehouse and products of SP Digital”.


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