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AR Racking installs an adjustable pallet racking system for AIMTEC’s new warehouse

AIMTEC is a Chilean company with almost 30 years of experience in the hoisting systems sector and the manufacture of cargo slings. The company has relied on AR Racking to equip its new warehouse in Santiago, where AR Racking has designed, manufactured and installed a selective racking system.

The improvement of AIMTEC’s new facilities is the product of the firm’s commitment to create a solid and lasting commercial alliance both in Chile and in the international market. AIMTEC is characterized by the security, optimization and efficiency in the lifting and hoisting processes.

After a thorough analysis of the client’s needs, AR Racking -a company specialized in designing, manufacturing, calculating and installing industrial storage systems for all types of loads- has installed a metallic industrial racking system AR PAL designed to store pallets. With the AR PAL system, AIMTEC’s new warehouse has a storage system that adapts easily to the variety of products that the Chilean company handles. In addition, the installed racking system is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect and / or hidden defect, for a period of 5 years.

According to Jorge Andrés Olivares, head of AIMTEC, "we have relied on AR Racking’s Adjustable pallet racking system because our lifting equipment, cables, lifting straps and all the other industrial products that we manufacture or import, need an efficient, resistant and easy to assemble storage system, with a simple regulation of load levels".

For Juan José Álvarez, AR Racking Chile’s Project Manager: “due to the large volume of materials and accessories for load lifting, fixing and tie-up that are stored for stock, it was clear for us that AIMTEC needed the AR PAL industrial racking system. It is a solution that provides adaptability and rigorous stock control".

AR Racking storage systems’ robustness and strength is guaranteed by the compliance with the Chilean standard NCH 2369, which establishes the requirements for the seismic design of structures and industrial facilities.


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