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Tyre Racking Systems: Characteristics, conditions and storage


Due to their specific characteristics, tyres are one of the most common and complex products to store, so especially adapted racking systems are designed for them.

Tyres are the basic element in vehicle and machine diversity and can therefore vary greatly in terms of size, material and weight.

In this publication, we will focus on car tyres, their storage characteristics and the most suitable racking systems.


Conditions for correctly storing tyres

Firstly, it is important to analyse the environment and environmental conditions for storing the tyre, whether in a warehouse, commercial premises or workshop.

Car tyres must be stored indoors to prevent the appearance of cracks caused by outside storage.

It must be a place away from the direct impact of sunlight, at average temperatures (15-25 degrees), with low humidity and correct ventilation.

It must also be an environment not heavily filled with chemical substances, and without artificial heat sources such as running engines or functioning pipes.

For this it is also important that the premises are cleaned regularly and thoroughly.



Car tyre storage characteristics

Once the space inside the warehouse or premises where the tyres will be stored has been prepared, remember the following points for correct storage and maintaining them in good condition.


Do not store the tyres on the ground

The tyres should not be placed directly on the ground to prevent humidity. They should be stored ideally on racking, or at least on pallets or other surfaces above the ground.

Do not subject the tyres to any pressure

The tyres should be stored on the racking without subjecting them to any type of compression or tension that could deform them and alter their future correct working.

Special attention to fire risk

Being a flammable product due to its rubber composition, special attention must be paid to the fire risk and the warehouse and industrial racking prevention systems.

Local regulations must be checked to accurately define these risk prevention measures.

Correct product positioning

If the tyres are stored without their rim it is advisable to store them vertically, and to turn them periodically to prevent any deformations in the rubber.

If they are stored with the rim included, the storage time should be shorter. They should be stored horizontally, inflated to the required pressure and also turned regularly.

Careful handling of the tyres

The tyres should be cleaned before being stored on the racking, using gloves to handle them.

Special attention should be paid to the use of automatic handling equipment for their handling.

Large number of references

When managing the tyre stock, remember that there will be a large number of different references to store.

If the storage is only designed for car tyres, these references will not vary greatly in terms of weight and size, but organising and managing the inventories of each reference will be a challenge.


Racking and Picking solutions for tyres

The solution that we therefore recommend for the industrial storage of tyres is Picking Solutions, in this case, adapted for tyres or wheels of different sizes.

It is an industrial racking solution that allows the manual storage of tyres, with direct and immediate access to all the references stored, facilitating stock management and product flow.

It is also a very versatile system that can be adjusted to different level heights, thus adapting to all tyre sizes.

The first level prevents the car tyres from being placed on the ground to keep them away from humidity and to ensure good storage.

If the tyre is stored without its rim it will be deposited vertically on the beams at a pre-determined width, thus achieving greater storage density.

The storage system can be increased in height, and accessories such as wooden boards or metal trays added to store other types of products or tyres with rims horizontally.

Depending on the weight that the racking is going to support, a pallet racking structure could be used if necessary.



In AR Racking we help you with tyre storage. Please request more information by clicking here and our team will advise you on the best storage solution for your warehouse.