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Load Warning Notice for Racking: Functions and requirements


Load Warning Notices for Pallet Racking Systems installed in a warehouse are components fixed in visible places of the structure to provide personnel with information on the safe use of the storage system.

The use and correct design of the load warning notice is of vital importance for the safe daily operation of the warehouse.

All load notices are installed to ensure proper compliance with European Council Directive 92/58/EEC and the UNE-EN 15635:2010 standard, and the colours and symbols used in the plate must comply with the Safety Signs and Signals Regulations.

The loading notes, structural design considerations and reference texts must follow what is indicated by the manufacturer and/or distributor of the installed storage system, in this case AR Racking.

The rack load signs provide important information for the safe use of the storage system. However, the data included pertain to operating signs, so the information on the load warning plate must be kept to a minimum for greater clarity and simpler understanding.

Users of the installed pallet racking systems should always consult the manufacturer or distributor to establish a safe operating practice and provide sufficient training to all personnel operating in the storage system.

racking load notice

Warning load notices must be placed in prominent places on the racking units so that they are clearly visible, which means they are normally fixed to the outer frames of the installation for greater visibility.

Inspectors of the storage equipment must verify them as part of the regular internal inspection routine.

It is an element that must be installed on both racking units for pallets and storage systems for picking.

Pallet Racking Load Notices are manufactured with digital printing on durable materials to ensure their correct visualisation and non-degradation over time.



As indicated above, load warning notices must be placed in a prominent and visible place on the racking unit, and are normally fixed to the outer frames of the structure.

The load warning plates have 4 holes, one on each corner, for fixing to the frames on the side of the upright. They must be secured with elements that ensure their correct positioning and duration on the structure, usually screws or plastic ties. Do not use any fasteners that facilitate the removal of the load plates, such as clips or magnets.



The design of the load warning notice on the racking units should contain, as a general rule, the following elements: safety and prevention warnings, the installed storage system, the racking load capacities, and the contact details of the manufacturer and distributor for the end customer.

A breakdown is provided below of the characteristics of each of these elements:

  • Signage in accordance with the Safety Signs and Signals regulations.
  • Brief descriptive comment of the signage.
  • Maximum load per beam level.
  • Height from the top of a beam to the top of the next level.
  • Height from the base plate to the top of the beam on the first level.
  • Maximum load of the module, including all levels.
  • Space for information on the storage system supplier.