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3 things you never imagined seeing stored in an industrial racking system


When in the industrial storage sector, we talk about finding the solution that best suits each customer’s storage needs, we usually address issues such as the space available in the warehouse, type of management (FIFO or LIFO), product rotation, cooling or product needs.

In this publication of our blog we want to present some of the storage needs that we have resolved with a type of product or circumstance that is not so common in the industrial racking sector. We are talking about curious cases far removed from the conventional storage of pallets, boxes, coils or long loads.

Among the more than 15,000 projects carried out in recent years worldwide, the following stand out for their peculiarity:

Storage solution for Vertical Farming

We begin our list of surprising storage solutions with the AR Racking storage system that was installed in the United Kingdom in 2016 for the storage and cultivation of plants. Our product was used to build a vertical farming system or vertical farm, which are of increasing popularity in large international cities.

These vertical farming systems are a new approach to farming focused on cultivating plants inside buildings, which function as high-rise greenhouses using technologies such as hydroponics or aeroponics for plant cultivation.

The key in this case, from the point of view of the storage system to be used, is that the raw material of the industrial racking unit is of high quality, resistant to conditions of constant humidity, resistant to low and high temperatures depending on cultivation needs and of a material that favours the luminosity of the warehouse. For this, AR Racking’s galvanised industrial racking units were the ideal product.

Adjustable pallet racking system for the storage of motorcycles

In this case, we radically change the type of product and move to a large heavy product, motorbikes or motorcycles.

Initially it is difficult to imagine a warehouse with adjustable pallet racking systems full of high-powered motorcycles stored at various heights; however, for this project installed in the United Kingdom, adjustable racking systems were used for pallets adapted to this specific storage need.

This adaptation lies primarily in increasing the distance between frames up to the dimensions of the motorcycles, the addition between uprights of wooden boards to facilitate the support of the metal crate in which each motorbike is placed and, in particular, in the design and structural calculation of the storage system by the technical team to ensure the resistance of the structure to the weight of the motorcycles on each level.

Longspan shelving system in the North Pole

This project is undoubtedly one of the most striking storage systems anywhere in the world. The product stored is not at first glance very new or unique, since it is a racking warehouse for industrial picking, in which plastic boxes filled with different seeds are stored.

However, the installation is interesting when placed in a geographical and social context. These AR Racking industrial racking systems are installed on the island of Svalbard, Norway, barely 1000 kilometres from the North Pole, an isolated and frozen place that looks like another world. In this remote place, in a silo built 130 metres underground, is the so-called Doomsday Vault or Noah’s Ark of the 21st century.

This impressive construction contains the largest seed bank in the world and is designed to protect the biodiversity of crops that feed the global population. In this hidden place, inside this vault, our picking racking units, under protection, monitoring and storage conditions of optimum quality and safety, are responsible for protecting corn, potato, rice, barley, wheat seeds, etc. for centuries to come.

For correct storage, the material of the metal structure must have maximum quality characteristics to ensure its duration over the years and its correct resistance to extreme temperatures and conditions. More information about this amazing project here.