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Automated Pallet Warehouses

Automated Pallet Warehouses:

Automated pallet warehouse systems are solutions that use stacker cranes or other automated mechanisms to handle the loads.

They are storage solutions that help fully optimise the warehouse space and provide quick and automated access to the various heavy unit loads.

Types of Automated Pallet Warehouses:

Automated pallet warehouse characteristics

There are fully automated pallet warehouse systems, such as clad-rack warehouses or automated pallet warehouses, and other semi-automated pallet warehouse solutions such as AR Shuttle for which the use of forklift trucks is necessary.

There are also various types of fully automated pallet warehouses according to the customer’s storage needs: single depth, double depth or multideep.

AR Racking provides comprehensive assistance for customers in the field of industrial storage. Integral project management makes it possible to meet customer demand globally, installing automated pallet warehouses in countries as diverse as the United States, Nicaragua, Argentina and Peru, as well as most European countries.

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