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Racking techincal review

Regular technical reviews are a fundamental requirement for the correct performance of your storage solution, and to ensure the safety of your activity.

These inspections, carried out by qualified staff, allow us not only to identify possible structural risks, but also to detect the maintenance needs of structures that have been damaged using forklifts and other working equipment.

Reviews can be of several types and frequencies. From preventive maintenance on a monthly basis to remote or on-site computer assistance depending on the client’s needs.

Current regulations require an annual technical inspection of the steel racking, which must be carried out by qualified personnel. This is mandatory as it is possible for structural elements to be damaged by handling equipment during loading and unloading maneuvers. This damage, which is sometimes invisible, creates serious safety and malfunction issues at the facilities, and can be identified and rectified by regular reviews and inspections.

Work process:


    AR Racking Technical Team


    Identify possible structural risks.


    Preventive maintenance or on-site computer assistance.

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