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ZEAL expands its out-of-port warehouse with AR Racking’s pallet racking system


The Logistic Support Extension Zone (ZEAL, for its initials in Spanish) is a pioneering initiative in the Chilean port system that allows efficient operation of cargo flows through the southern access of the Valparaíso port. ZEAL is located 11 kilometres away from the port of Valparaíso. It has a first-rate infrastructure for the state agencies to carry out cargo control and offers a range of services to cargoes transferred by the Port of Valparaíso.

AR Racking, a global supplier of industrial storage solutions with a commercial office in Santiago de Chile, has installed a conventional Adjustable pallet racking system (AR PAL) in one of ZEAL’s 600 m2 warehouses. This is the extension of the out-of-port warehouse, an area where cargo storage is permitted, and a range of cargo-related services are offered.

352 new positions have been achieved for mechanical pallet storage by means of forklift trucks with the installation of the conventional pallet racket system. This system is efficient and resistant to heavy loads. It is particularly versatile thanks to its ability to adapt to any type of load unit or forklift, with immediate and direct access to all load units.

According to Rodrigo Romo, Maintenance Manager at ZEAL: "our position as a logistics operator makes it imperative that our warehouses are robust, safe, and easy to use. They must also guarantee the safety of our customers' products. This is fulfilled by the systems installed by AR Racking, who also have a five-year warranty".

The robustness and resistance of the AR Racking storage systems are guaranteed by the compliance with the Chilean standard NCH 2369, which establishes the requirements for the seismic design of structures and industrial facilities.

For his part, Juan Antonio Valdebenito, project manager at AR Racking Chile, says that "the conventional Adjustable pallet racking system (AR PAL) is the best option for an operator where diverse actors of the Chilean port logistics model coexist, such as the Port of Valparaíso Company, port terminals, state inspection bodies, the United States Department of Agriculture, customs agents, shippers and carriers".