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We install adjustable pallet racking at the Mercury Music warehouse in record time


Mercury Music, a Chilean company located in Santiago specialising in the wholesale distribution of musical instruments and professional audio equipment, is now operating from its warehouse with AR Racking adjustable pallet racking. The speed of the quotation process, design of the project and installation were key factors in Mercury Music’s decision to choose AR Racking.

Adjustable Pallet Racking is an ideal storage solution for customers who want to store pallets mechanically and functionally, without sacrificing direct and immediate access. According to Camilo Ramírez, Sales Manager of Mercury Music, “we looked at several options for the intralogistics adaptation of our distribution centre, but we chose AR Racking because the communication was smooth from the start and they could install the racking in record time”. The project was completed in 3 weeks, from the first contact to the delivery and final assembly of the racking.


“Our industrial racking stock makes us far more competitive than our competitors because we can design and implement projects even in the most demanding timeframes”, explained Germán Flores Miranda, General Manager of AR Racking Chile. The warehouse has a total area of 2,000 m2 and has created a storage capacity for 1,400 pallets. “The customer communicated to us an urgent need. Right away we analysed the company’s characteristics, the engineering work and installation of the adjustable pallet racking system”, added Pablo Rivera, AR Racking Sales Manager.

Adjustable pallet racking is a system for heavy loads characterised by its adaptability to different storage needs, both in terms of weight and volume. It adapts perfectly to the wide range of references of Mercury Music, a leader in the professional audio equipment market for its collaboration with numerous international and own brands at very competitive prices and with very fast delivery times.