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South American logistics operator entrusts AR Racking with the expansion of its warehouse in Peru


ITSANET, logistics operator specialised in storage and distribution, decided to expand its BSF Punta Hermosa warehouse (Peru) and entrusted the comprehensive storage solutions provider AR Racking with the optimisation of the new space.

“ITSANET communicated to us the need to adapt the space to prepare small volume orders in its logistics operation”, explained AR Racking sales consultant Omar Durand. “Longspan shelving was the storage system that best suited this need”.

Longspan shelving is an optimum system for the manual storage of small and medium-sized non-palletised products. It is a selective solution because it provides direct access to goods. The installed solution has chipboard panels which fit directly onto the beams without the need for further fixings and which support heavy loads.


ITSANET is the leading logistics network in Latin America. With its headquarters in Argentina, it currently operates in 9 countries: Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru, where it has been experiencing a greater market presence since it began in 2004.

AR Racking’s facilities and finished product stock warehouse in Lima meant that ITSANET was able to complete the installation of its warehouse in timeframes that other suppliers could not offer.