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OXXO continues to expand its operations in Peru with the help of AR Racking (Video)

  • The key to this project was the implementation of an adjustable pallet racking system with picking levels, designed to optimise product management.
  • This initiative involved both the extension of an existing facility and the creation of a new warehouse.

OXXO, the renowned convenience store chain has taken a significant step forward in its growth in the Peruvian market. In collaboration with AR Racking, industrial storage solutions leader, OXXO has successfully completed an ambitious expansion and optimisation project of its logistics operations in Villa el Salvador, Peru. This initiative involved the installation of 1000 PAL positions and 98 picking spaces, significantly improving its storage capacity and operating efficiency.

The warehouses involved in this project cover a total of 5000 square metres, divided into a 4000 square metre extension of an existing facility and the construction of a new 1000 square metre warehouse. In the extension, 250 adjustable pallet racking positions have been added with 59 picking levels, while in the new warehouse, 750 adjustable pallet racking positions with 39 picking levels have been installed.

 One of the most notable characteristics of this project has been the implementation of 1000 adjustable pallet racking positions with 100 picking levels. Despite the challenges that this project presented, including the need for an urgent installation without any interruptions in OXXO’s logistics operations, AR Racking managed to complete the project using its stock two days before the agreed deadline, resulting in the customer’s full satisfaction.

José Luis Vásquez Samamé, Regional Manager of OXXO LATAM Logistics Operations, expressed his satisfaction with the project: “We are very pleased to have collaborated with AR Racking in this important expansion project. The installation of 1000 adjustable pallet racking positions and 98 picking spaces has significantly improved our storage capacity and product management efficiency. We thank the entire AR Racking team for its commitment and professionalism in the execution of this project.”

This successful project represents a significant step forward in OXXO’s expansion in the Peruvian market and strengthens AR Racking’s position as leader in industrial storage solutions in the region. The collaboration between these two companies has proven to be a model of success in logistics management and optimisation of storage spaces. “This project has been an exciting challenge for us. The urgent installation and early delivery show our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in the execution of logistics projects. We are proud to have contributed to the continuous success of OXXO in the region." confirmed Omar Durand, Project Manager in AR Racking.