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AR Racking remains active


AR Racking will continue its export activities of products and services in order to meet its international commitments, as it has been doing up to now.

In addition to the production activity that has been maintained these days -always respecting the criteria and conditions established by the government authorities- AR Racking’s team has shown its ability to respond during the strictest period of the crisis thanks to, among other things, its management of the stock.

Likewise, AR Racking resumes the manufacture and distribution of its products to all industries, essential and non-essential, on the Spanish market.

While the last decree that established the closure of all non-essential activities in Spain was active, AR Racking kept its productive activity exclusively for those industries considered essential. Starting today, April 14, AR Racking will meet the demand of all sectors of the market in Spain.

On the other hand, since the beginning of the situation created by COVID-19, all AR Racking personnel have carried out their activities under the rigorous application of every safety and health protocol established by the competent authorities. This has been the case both in the production centre and for the office staff of national and international delegations.

Citizen’s wellbeing is an absolute priority for AR Racking. In this sense, the company will continue to work in the coming days to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on daily activity, to preserve the health of staff and its employees, and at the same time, to fulfil all commitments with its clients.

In these times of change, unknown scenarios and rigorous contexts AR Racking is positioned as a reliable company with great organizational strength. For a future plenty of new challenges, AR Racking will continue to be extra demanding on the quality of its products and services, the rigor of the processes, and its own commitment to innovation and technology. The company must face what is to come with firmness and adaptability.

For more information, you can send your requests to the following address:, calling us at the phone numbers +34 944 317 941 or +44 01628-421825, or please contact your usual AR contact.

Thanks for your trust!