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AR Racking protagonist in the standardisation of racking criteria in Chile


The Chilean Steel Institute ICHA, of which AR Racking is a partner, recently published the book Good practices for steel storage systems – racking (design, manufacture and assembly), a pioneering technical document that aims to standardise the manufacture and supply of steel racking based on safety and operation criteria.

AR Racking participated notably and from the start as a member of the technical team in the preparation of this publication that gives clarity to racking structure criteria and regulations. ICHA, whose main raison d'être is to promote the development, quality and sustainable use of steel, detected several needs in the area to which it wanted to respond with this good practices manual: adapt international regulations to the seismic reality of Chile; prepare a document that covers the safety and operation objectives of the steel racking structures; and, also, standardise conditions and design criteria for all the actors involved in the manufacture and supply of this type of structure.

This is a remarkable advance not only in the unification of criteria, but also in protecting the safety of people and economic investments. The book Good practices for steel storage systems – racking was prepared considering safety, resistance and usefulness in order to protect not only the lives of the personnel working in the facilities, but also the stored products.

This technical document, which provides enormous clarity in the implementation of steel structures in a highly seismic and complex country like Chile, adds to the publication by the National Institute for Standardisation (INN) of Chile of the NCh3703 standard, the first standard on racking in the country.

AR Racking, as a comprehensive supplier of industrial racking whose activity covers all the phases of an industrial storage project, provided all the experience acquired in its more than 26,000 projects carried out worldwide and its strong and growing presence as a main player in the Chilean logistics market over the last 10 years.

“It is a major technical leap forward that will have a direct impact on the greater professionalisation, industrialisation and innovation of intralogistics, and as a company that complies with the strictest quality standards, we are very pleased to play a leading role in processes like this”, explained Germán Flores Miranda, Managing Director of AR Racking in Chile.

Download the manual here.