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AR Racking installs new Transnatur warehouse in Oiartzun


AR Racking, specialists in industrial storage, have installed their adjustable pallet racking system in the new Transnatur warehouse in Oiartzun, allowing the logistics operator to extend its storage capacity and strengthen its presence in the Basque region of Spain.

Transnatur is a family-owned business that was founded in Barcelona in 1979, and provides global transport and logistic services. It has 14 offices and depots in Spain and Portugal and more than 500 employees.

The firm entrusted the installation of its new warehouse to AR Racking, specialists in storage solutions. After studying their existing requirements for storage and their potential expansion, AR designed a conventional pallet system, suitable for adaptation to any type of load and 100% selectivity. The racking layout is 9250 mm in height, 3600 mm wide, 1100 mm deep and has capacity for 3348 Euro pallets of between 500 and 900 kg.

ransnatur facilities in Irún Spain, cover an area of 5700 m2 - 1500 m2 of racked warehouses, 3000 m2 of cross-docking warehouses and 1200 m2 of offices. With the extension of the infrastructure, the company has optimised the logistics process and improved customer services, within a general context of growth in recent years. In the words of the Commercial Director Marcel van Noorloos “Our commitment to diversification and the strengthening of our leadership requires the installation of facilities that will allow us to obtain the new objectives. In this respect, collaboration with AR Racking has allowed us to meet operational and service needs, going beyond our expectations.”

The AR service provides comprehensive assistance with respect to industrial storage, including the provision of technical and logistics advice, layout drawings of the proposed installations, proposals, installation program, products that are fit for purpose and then installed to the highest quality and safety. The team works in close collaboration with the client in order to offer optimum storage solutions and a move towards a higher level of competitiveness in its logistic storage solutions. This requires the ongoing training of the team, responding to the new needs observed in the market.