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AR Racking installs at Efficold a pallet racking system adapted to its refrigeration equipment


Efficold SA, manufacturer of refrigerated cabinets for the beverage and catering sectors, has relied on AR Racking and MAC Intralogística to design and implement the storage system of its new warehouse in Lucena, Córdoba (Spain).

At Efficold, a company specialized in refrigeration technology and committed to the development of innovative, sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient products, AR Racking has installed a classic Adjustable pallet racking system (AR PAL) that is perfectly suited to the storage needs of the company.

The Adjustable Pallet Racking System is designed to mechanically store pallets with forklifts. The system was installed on an area of 2,300 m2 out of the 14,000 m2 that covers the Efficold warehouse in Lucena. The installation of this storage system gave the company 3,370 charging positions.

It is a versatile system that allows Efficold to quickly adapt to changing customer needs adapting the shelving to any type of load, regardless of weight or volume. Similarly, the conventional palletizing system allows maximum use of available space.

 Unique features of the project

In this case, the system implemented at Efficold has two unique characteristics: the shelving has less depth than conventional ones and the whole installation is done in grilling shelving.

As the company manufactures refrigeration equipment for the beverage and catering sectors, there are no standardized pallets and each one fits a different product. These are loads of very variable dimensions, very wide (from 1,000 to 3,000 mm) and shallow (the majority of 900 mm or less). Most rows in the warehouse are therefore shallower than those of a standard pallet rack.

The wide variety of dimensions, as well as the impossibility to ensure that all pallets are well supported by the beams, have resulted in the design of a grilling shelving that supports all of the pallets, regardless of their shape.

Among the advantages of the AR PAL system, in addition to the ability to adapt to any customer need, also stand out the modular structure of easy assembly, the saving of time and effort in the handling of goods as well as the increase in security.

Javier Hidalgo, Director of Logistics at Efficold, says: "AR Racking has offered us an optimal solution for storing the variety of products we produce. Our products have very specific and variable dimensions and weights, so we needed a tailor-made storage solution which would allow us to maximize the efficiency of the rotation".

For Guillermo San Román, AR Racking Sales Representative for the Central region of Spain, "with this ambitious project, we have shown that AR Racking storage systems can adapt to any type of load, optimizing the use of space. It is important to adapt to the particular characteristics of the customer and at the same time to offer a solution that improves the whole working process".