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AR Racking equips the Mueloliva warehouse combining live pallet racking and conventional racking systems


With 70 years of experience as producers of olive oil, Mueloliva and Minerva S.L. has more than 100 awards in 16 different countries for its exceptional extra virgin olive oil. To meet the storage needs of this company, AR Racking has installed 200m2 of shelving in its warehouse of Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba, Spain) with 1,800m2 of total surface area.

The installation combines Live Pallet Racking and the conventional Adjustable Pallet Racking systems. The installed warehouse has 12 aisles: nine of them for 800x1200 pallets; the three remaining can store this measure as well as 1000x1200 pallets, giving the company 336 positions of dynamic AR Live Storage Racking positions and 60 conventional AR PAL positions.

The installed system has a pallet separator system which allows the operator to remove the pallets safely without the pressure of the remaining accumulated pallets that are only released after approximately 20 seconds. In addition, the lower level conveyors have a folding system that allows them to be lifted in order to gain access to the floor below the structure for easy cleaning.

The advantages of the Live Pallet Racking system include the efficient use of space, a perfect product rotation, compatibility with other AR storage systems, easy installation and the reduction of the maneuvering times, among others.

Rafael Muela, Mueloliva’s Commercial and Marketing Director assures that “the best olive oil in the world deserves to be stored without altering the optimum conditions for its conservation and subsequent consumption. With the combination of the storage systems that AR Racking has installed, we have achieved this goal.”

For Guillermo San Román, AR Racking’s Sales Representative for the Central Region, “in AR Racking we can combine several racking systems in a warehouse in order to better adapt to the characteristics of the stored products, as it has been the case with the olive oil produced by Mueloliva”.