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AR Racking boosts logistics efficiency with its latest project in Funza for CCL S.A.

  • AR RACKING optimises 5,850 m² with advanced racking, guaranteeing adaptability to diverse loads.
  • The synergy with CCL S.A. is reflected in custom solutions for the efficient logistics management of assorted materials.

AR Racking, global leader in industrial storage solutions is proud to announce the successful culmination of its most recent project in Funza, Colombia, designed to strengthen the logistics operations of CCL S.A., a prominent logistics operator in the region.

The project, which covers an area of 5850 m² stood out for the implementation of two key systems: Double Deep Pallet Racking System and Multi-Tier Shelving. These advanced solutions not only maximise the storage capacity, but also significantly improve accessibility and efficiency in inventory management.

Edward Suescun, AR Racking project manager pointed out: “We are delighted to have collaborated closely with CCL to design and implement a system that not only meets its current needs, but can also provide flexibility to adapt to future logistics demands. The double deep pallet racking system with 7 beam levels was a strategic choice to optimise the space and ensure efficient access to the stored products”.

AR Racking’s commitment to excellence is shown by its meticulous attention to detail, particularly in the multi-tier shelving solution. This double-floor system incorporates specific picking positions for a cold room, evidencing the company’s ability to adapt to specialised logistics environments.

Ricardo Lopez, National Operations Director of CCL S.A., expressed his satisfaction with the project, stating: “The collaboration with AR Racking was key to achieving an efficient distribution of our warehouse in Funza. Its team showed a thorough understanding of our unique logistics needs, and the end result surpassed our expectations. The implementation of advanced storage technologies has significantly improved our capacity to manage the diversity of loads that we receive from different external customers”.

The project was not solely limited to the physical installation of racking systems, but also included a detailed analysis with the customer to determine the most appropriate distribution. This strategic collaboration ensured that the system was designed considering the particularities of the reception of assorted materials with different characteristics.