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13,000 new storage positions for the Marcos Larrañaga & Co. Group’s warehouse (LACOR, IBILI) thanks to AR Shuttle solution


For more than 70 years the Marcos Larrañaga & Co. Group (LACOR, IBILI) has maintained a policy of constant evolution facing profound changes in the most important areas of the company: design, production, logistics and administration. Now the company has completed an innovation process that allows them to remain at the top of their sector and further improve customer service. To carry out this process, the Marcos Larrañaga & Co. Group (LACOR, IBILI) has relied on AR Racking’s experience.

For the Group's new 3,540 m2 warehouse, AR Racking has installed the semi-automatic compact storage solution for pallets AR Shuttle, an ideal system for warehouses with a large number of units by reference. AR Shuttle’s installation has been done in the intermediate stock warehouse, the space where the products are stored before going to the expedition warehouse.

The AR Shuttle system is a high-density solution designed to make the most of the space and height available. The use of automated shuttles in place of forklifts during the storage process reduces the risk of accidents. With this installation 12,960 Euro-pallet positions have been achieved to store the immense range of kitchen and hospitality industry products manufactured by the Marcos Larrañaga & Co. Group (LACOR, IBILI).

The AR Shuttle system allows automatic inventory control using sensors that count stored pallets. Remote control and bar codes provide a better stock control, drastically decreasing error margins.

According to Mikel Larrañaga, Purchasing Manager at the Marcos Larrañaga & Co. Group (LACOR, IBILI), “a leading company in the sector like ours, needed a step forward in the logistics and storage aspect. Thanks to AR Racking’s AR Shuttle solution we have found the way to internalize the process. Until now it was mostly external through different logistics operators in the area. This will mean an improvement in the quality of our customer services”.

For his part, Xabier Rica, AR Racking’s Sales Delegate for Spain’s North Zone, considers that “because of the high number of products that the Marcos Larrañaga Group & Co. (LACOR, IBILI) handles, the AR Shuttle solution is optimal. In addition to taking advantage of the space and height available, and significantly decreasing the margins of error thanks to remote control, it also reduces the number of incidents in the handling of the loads”.

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