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Pallet racking systems for cold stores and freezing chambers

Pallet racking systems adapted to cold or freezing environmental conditions are currently one of the most demanded storage solutions, mainly by food and biochemical companies. Storage systems...

FIFO Warehouse Management Method: What it is and when it is used

The FIFO (First in, First out) inventory management method is, together with the LIFO method (Last in, First out), a very widely used tool in warehouse management. The definition and operation...

LIFO Stock Management Method: What it is and when it is used

LIFO (Last in, First out) stock management for warehouses is the opposite method to FIFO, whereby the last unit load to enter the warehouse will be the first one out. The LIFO method prioritises...

Load Warning Notice for Racking: Functions and requirements

Load Warning Notices for Pallet Racking Systems installed in a warehouse are components fixed in visible places of the structure to provide personnel with information on the safe use of the storage system.

Types of live storage systems: Pallet and picking solutions

In this publication we describe all the types of existing Live Storage Systems for solving warehouse storage needs. As a general rule, live storage is a compact storage system that uses the...

Did you know that the so-called Noah's Ark of the 21st century uses AR Racking storage systems?

In one of the most remote places on earth, with freezing temperatures and a landscape closer to science fiction than reality, just 1,000 kilometres from the North Pole, we find the so-called...